a little about me

Sometimes I Just Play!
AM 1

Sometimes I Climb Up Things

AM 2

Sometimes I Climb Up Tall Things

AM 3

Sometimes I Climb Up Really Tall Things

AM 4

Sometimes a Rope Is Available

AM 5

Sometimes I Climb In a Gym

AM 6

Sometimes I Climb Down Things

AM 7

Sometimes I Climb Down Tall Things

AM 8

Sometimes I climb down wet things!

AM 9

Sometimes I Climb Down Things I Probably Shouldn't

AM 10

Sometimes I slide down things

AM 11

Sometimes I slide off things

Am 12

Sometimes I feel small

AM 13

Sometimes I feel really small

AM 14

Sometimes I hike in narrow spaces

AM 15

Sometimes I hike in wide open spaces

AM 16

Sometimes I hike in wet places

AM 17

Sometimes I jump across things

AM 18

Sometimes I jump across really tall things

AM 19

Sometimes I jump off things

AM 20

Sometimes I jump off things maybe I shouldn't

AM 21

Sometimes I just think about jumping off things

AM 22

Sometimes I visit strange places

AM 23

Sometimes I approach wildlife

AM 24

Sometimes wildlife approaches me

AM 25

Sometimes I love wildlife a little too much

AM 26

Sometimes I do things with extra special people

AM 27

I like to do a lot of things, some more than others

AM 28

But mostly I like to do things with friends

AM 29
AM 30
AM 31
AM 32

And now I just play.

​And those are the things I like to do most!

But I used to not do any of these things.

I used to do things that didn't involve jumping, or climbing, or sliding, or diving, or swimming, or riding, or anything physical and exciting. I used to do things that were not very special at all. But, one day I decided to make a change...

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That's me in a nutshell.

Jim Hobbs