Just Play

Just Play!
When did you stop playing? I mean playing like a child. When did the childish games you played start to seem too childish. When did the carefree games that seemed to have so few rules get replaced by the ones with so many?

Jumping off of things and over things, crawling under things and through things, running up mountains and riding down them, swimming across rivers and lakes, all became more trivial and even pointless because they didn’t produce anything “tangible”. When we gave up these things we did something terrible to ourselves - we grew up.

And if we aren’t careful, if we don’t change course, we will do something to ourselves that’s even worse - we will grow old.

But that desire to play did not disappear, it just got locked away. That inner child, the one deep down inside us, the one that still wants to go out and play, is still there, we just need to find a way to set him or her free. It may not be easy at first, but when we do find ourselves doing something that is fun and exciting and even playful, we need to savor the moment for as long as we can, and then resolve to do more of that.

See you out there!