5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Add Years to Your Life

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Add Years to Your Life
We are very lucky to be alive at a time when science, medicine, exercise physiology, and psychology have taken great strides in increasing human longevity to levels that were unimaginable only a few decades ago.

To take advantage of these advances, we need to take the time to develop a long-term longevity strategy that fits with a lifestyle that we truly desire. This type of planning can take some time and research, but fortunately, there are plenty of things we can do right now that will add years to our lives. So while you are still developing your ultimate life plan, here are five things that you can start doing today:

Get moving - start by walking, with the intention of increasing it to a jog, and then a run. The single-most telling indicator of advanced aging is a person’s walking speed.

Lift some weights - start by strengthening not just your core but your trunk (upper legs, hips, lower back and abdominals). The precursor to the reduction of a person’s walking speed is the steady loss of balance. It is this loss of balance that leads to a widening of a person’s stance, which widens their gate, which slows down the pace. This downward spiral will eventually lead to complete or nearly complete immobility.

Cut the sugar - The consumption of sugar is the single-most contributor to weight-gain and eventual obesity in humans. Obesity accelerates the ageing process even more than smoking, according to the largest ever study of the “chromosomal clock” in human cells.

Seek your purpose - you don’t need to figure out the “meaning of life”, well not just yet, but just what would bring fulfillment to your life, if not now, then at some point down the road. This will give you something to work towards (hopefully for a long time).

Play - find things to do that are fun and have no purpose other than the enjoyment that you get from it.

There are different cultures (blue zones) from around the world that are populated with a relatively high percentage of people that live vibrantly to be 100 or more. In each and every one of them they credit all of these as reasons for living as long and fulfilling life as they do.

So starting today, cut some sugar from your diet, find something heavy to lift and do it a few times, start thinking about what you would like your life to look like, and get out and get moving. And if at all possible, have fun doing it.

If you are already doing these things, then congrats and I look forward to seeing you somewhere along this long, adventurous path we will be traveling down. Lastly, always remember that it’s more about adding life to your years than years to your life.

See you out there!