The Basic Laws of Human Nature

"To be happy, you have to "know your favorite flavor of suffering"--fear, anxiety, depression, denial--then free yourself from it." - Tony Robbins

The most important principles, the ones that resound with us the most, are the ones that seem to have a profound “truth” to them at their core. We don’t always know why we believe certain ideas and not others, we just have a feeling about it. These beliefs are so ingrained in us that we accept them as laws. And these laws not only determine what we believe, the determine what we do.

But when we question why we do certain things, the answer may not be readily explainable, but if we dig deep enough in search of a reason, we will usually end up at on of the following principles:
  • Ultimately, humans will find a way to get what they want in life (otherwise we will get what we think we want, or else we get what we are willing to tolerate).
  • Humans, like animals, have basic needs that must be gratified (see Maslow).
  • Humans ultimately seek happiness in life (see Aristotle)
  • Humans will seek control - if not over themselves than the ones around them (Covey)
  • Humans seek the path of least resistance.
  • Humans are driven by fear (two fears to be precise)
    • The fear of dying.
    • The fear of being alone.

Knowing these basic laws, and recognizing them in ourselves as possible explanations for why we do the the things we do and don't do the things we probably "should", can help us recognize some things about ourselves that might need some fixing. And that’s a great first step down the path of a more adventurous life.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Take care and see you out there!