Potential Peak Performance and Aging

We all have within us a performance potential. This would represent the highest level of physical performance we could ever hope to achieve. This is the level that professional athletes perform at. It’s what separates them from the rest of us. It can be argued that they were born with a potential that is higher than ours and then they put in the work that it takes to perform at that level. But I would argue that, while we may never have been able to reach the same level as professionals, most of us never even tried. We didn’t need to.
We have been operating at a level that might be half or even a third of what we were capable of, but believe it or not, that’s good news. Because as we progress down the path of life, and we start to feel like we are slowing down, getting weaker, and maybe not able to do the things we used to do, we can feel reassured that we are still operating well below our potential. And if this is true, then all is not lost. We still have the ability to make physiological improvements that can bring our level of performance closer to our Potential Peak Performance.

This level of potential peak performance doesn’t drop off nearly as fast as we have let ourselves believe. So, as we age, we do not have to accept this steep physical decline as our fate. We can use this untapped potential as a benchmark to create newer even higher goals to achieve or even surpass.

We must not accept age as the predetermined variable that allows us to slow down, become frail, and sedentary. And we certainly can’t let age be the thing that keeps us from living the adventure life.

Now set some higher goals, crush’em, and I’ll see you out there!