Tuesday, May 2, 2017

In the Longevity Fight, America is Diverging

"Since 1840, every four years, humans have steadily gained an extra year of life expectancy." 

"The baby boom generation is the first in centuries that has actually turned out to be less healthy than their parents, thanks largely to diabetes, poor diet, and general physical laziness."

Hmmm... Seems like two contradictory claims. Sadly, while segments of the population around the world, even in America, are setting longevity records, more people than ever are dying at younger and younger ages.

"80% of all deaths are lifestyle related"

The question is which group do you belong to? The 80 percent, or the 20 percent. Are you going to join the group that is living longer than ever, or the group that lives a less healthy life than your parents? The best part is the choice is yours.


What can you do?
The incredibly over-simplified answer is to live a healthy lifestyle. Do you smoke? You need to stop. Are you overweight? Get it under control. Are you sedentary? Get moving. Is your diet unhealthy? Eat healthier. I know how this sounds. If someone told me that this was the answer to living a longer, healthier, and happier life, my answer would be the same. No kidding. 

But the truth is that it is the truth. There is no way around it. And you know it to be true. So why do most ignore this fact? I am sure there are about as many answers to that question as there are people answering that question, but most probably believe (as I did) that tomorrow is a much better day than today to start making those changes.

What if today is the better day?
I know it isn't easy, believe me, but one day you will have that moment when you say enough is enough, or any one of the thousand other cliche's that are thrown around to get people motivated. But when you have that moment, you will realize that there was some truth behind those cliche's. So, if you are stuck in that belief that "some day" you will get the strength to start making those necessary changes, dig deep and find that little extra strength to make "some day" today. Don't get stuck on "Someday Isle." Sorry, just one more cliche.

So today...
Get started with a small change. How small? Make any change and after a couple weeks, ask yourself if you can do this for the rest of your life. If the answer is no. It's not small enough, so cut it back and give it another two weeks. If the answer is yes, awesome! Then, on to the next change!

Now go find your adventure,

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