Our Programming

All of the behaviors that determine who we are today are based on a belief system whose development began long before we can remember. That early development laid the foundation, then continued through our teenage years, into adulthood, and continues to influence our decisions even today. This is our programming. The problem is that we are guided subconsciously by a set of rules that we never agreed to. We were too little to even remember, let alone decide whether we would like to live our future lives under those rules or not. This is what Don Miguel Ruiz would call “the domestication of humans.”

Then, to exacerbate things, society kicks in with its own set of rules and beliefs that we feel compelled to follow in order to fit in and feel accepted. 

All the decisions we make, the small, daily ones and the big, life-changing ones, are based on a belief system that we did not freely choose and the need to fit in with society. No wonder so many of us, at one time,  have felt like we were living a life that didn’t quite seem like a life we would have freely chosen, but one that we were forced to accept. If we are lucky, we find a way to “make the best of it.” 

But I would like to tell you that you don’t have to accept this fate. You can choose to create a life for yourself under your own rules and beliefs. Beliefs that you will create as a free-thinking adult. But what if those new beliefs are just an extension of the original belief system. That would not be much of an improvement. That is why you will have to deprogram yourself from your old belief system.

Odds are, you are not ready for this, but the fact that you have made it this far into this post might mean that you will be someday. So, until then, start with this idea - Question everything. Question every decision that you make. Ask yourself why did you make that decision and where did it come from. Is that fear based on something real, or some incident from your past.

The point is that if you can accept this idea, then you can accept that you have the ability to change who you are and become the person that you choose to be. Or not.

Now get out and do something that the “old” you would never do.

Go find your adventure!

For more on the subject - read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Coming soon - Your Reprogramming