The day I thought I was getting too old - at 24!

I was 24, the father of a beautiful daughter, and a son on the way, stuck in a going nowhere low-level management job. I was old. Well, this is what I told myself (backstory). How did I get so old so fast? It seemed like just yesterday I was partying hard with my friends and roommates, living for today, and not worrying a bit about paying the price tomorrow. And if I am already old now, what am I going to be when my kids are my age?

I look back on that day sometimes and I get a good laugh. It was a pretty ridiculous moment in my life, but it's one that I am forever thankful for experiencing. For that day was an extremely important day in my life as far as how I would look at aging, health, and even life in general. Because, after a few minutes of hard deliberation, I came up with a grand solution - I would just stay 24. I would not age anymore.

It's not that I decided to research all the ways that I could stay young, seek out experts in the field, or sages from around the world to one day find the fountain of youth. I simply just made the decision to not age. Looking back, I now realize that maybe I wasn't as mature as I thought I was. But I guess I was mature enough to realize that I can't just make some illogical, unrealistic resolution and expect it to magically happen. I knew I needed to figure out how I would make this happen.

After a few more minutes I came up with a idea. I promised myself that I would just never say the words - "I'm too old for this." I think I felt that I may not be able to stop the aging process, but I don't have to feel old while going through it, or least I wouldn't go down without a fight.

Fast forward to today and I can honestly say that I kept that promise to myself. I have never uttered those words. And through those years, I have definitely matured, I've raised three kids, buried two dogs, been divorced, lost everything in the financial crisis, and even dealt with weight issues, but through all that adversity, that promise helped keep that young kid alive and well deep inside of me, and finally, at the age of 44, he climbed out from that refuge, ready to start a new, more adventurous life.

I truly believe that once we accept the idea that we are too old, that is the day that we are. Being too old to do something is the greatest excuse available to us, because it's not our fault, it's Father Time's fault. Because, if being too old is something that is being forced upon us, then we are forfeiting control of a major part of our lives, and that makes us a victim. And to me, that's a fate worse than old age.

Now let's get out and do something we're "too old" to do.